Trouble in Sauer Improvements

  • Trouble in Sauer has recently been changed to where spectators cannot talk. I disagree with this change, and a lot of the people I play with also disagree with it. This should be reevaluated.

    While we do not want spectators to spoil the game, the change that has been made does not allow us to have fun conversations like we normally do. We come for the community, and conversations make the game more fun. The issue of people spoiling the game has been self policed as of late, and cuts down on the spoiling of the game. Ettiquette is a big part of this game, and I think we can self police without needing to cut off spectators from talking all together.

    What does need to be considered is the poissibility of adding a second traitor when more than 8 people are playing. This would add a new element to the game which would make a crowded server more interesting. Thank you.

  • Also, maybe a clause that if you have not spawned by the time the traitor is chosen, you cannot be the traitor. would cut down on AFK traitors.

  • "Traitors are even despised by those whom they serve." @Publius Cornelius Tacitus ...

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    This website is dedicated to rigatoni. You need to find the owner of this server and talk to. Hope he see your message here.

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    @Cowboy i agree

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    Yea I see the message here...
    If spectator chat is enabled people cry that it is enabled.
    If spectator chat is disabled people cry that it is disabled.


    My opinion is that you should join voice when you play. I said it before. It really adds to the traitor game.

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