Neutral treated unfairly

  • Hello all, I have been perm banned by the infamous Crowd>a-monster. There is more to this story than just that. I logged on to Rigatoni Rugby approximately 1 minute before a perm ban, and said hello to the a-monster, and moved on. But, unlike the norm, monster replies to me very quickly, saying something not as nice as what I said in my introduction to the server. I then told monster that instead of muting me all the time, he should just ban me. Then, in the next 20 seconds, I get perm banned. The last chat I saw was from Obstreigel, saying "no problem." At this point, I still assume it is monster, but, it very well could be the Obstreigel.
    I am very sorry for the harmless words that I said in the 2 minutes that I was online the Rigatoni Rugby server before my ban, and would like for it to be lifted.

    Thanks to all that can help

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    Hi Neutral.
    I muted you yesterday because of insulting players and me. Today you got banned because you asked for it. In the past you have been also insulting other players. And now you complain.
    And just fyi things like for example "cock sucker" are not nice things to say ;)
    Hmmm... maybe you should think about your attitude instead of wasting our time ;)

  • I do not think a perm ban is deserved in this situation. I agree those comments are uncalled for and inappropriate for the Rigatoni server. I was not asking for a ban, because at that point, I do not believe I even deserved to be muted. I have taken all of the punishments for my previous actions, and was given an extra one (the perm ban) for absolutely no reason.

    Thank you for your slightly useless input

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    My input is useful so people get a better picture of you ;) Let's see and wait what others and monster replies...

  • People already know the picture of me. I have been banned and muted countless amounts of times but a perm ban for absolutely nothing is uncalled for and certainly not deserving.

    Thank you for your even more useless input

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    @Neutral and everyone else...

    Just take a look at these logs. Moooooore than enough reason to ban this guy. I remember him always being like this and when my brain remembers it means something.

    Greetings and have a good time playing with fragginfucker!

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  • I still have seen no proof of the real reason why I got perm banned after joining the server for 2 minutes.

    If someone can comment something along THOSE lines, and nothing else, that would be fantastic.

    Happy eating your shitty pasta

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    I think we shouldn't feed the troll. this case is obvious and we should lock the thread.

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