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  • Hi folks, thanks for taking your time and thanks for the +1 @Fotzty and all others supporting me on that evil channel :)

    Zero it is then, as I do not want to cross the line of using discord. I already assumed, that this could be a show stopper, that's why I mentioned it in the first place. It's a perfectly understandable decision and I don't like Bratwürste anyway. I'll just wait until some no-budget, self-hosted, federated open-source communication system with crappy gui will supersede the well-funded, shiny, centralized for-profit ones (or at least until the latter ones support e2e encryption of group chats) and apply again ;)

    @Obstriegel I totally get your line of reasoning and you are right in every point. The remaining arguments for me, which i'm sure, you'll understand as well: I want to minimize proprietary code on my system and I don't want to increase the value/demand of companies/tools not meeting my standards (just by using it). I know, I'm just a small minority, but that's the least I for myself can do about it.
    I was quite hesitant to create this forum account as well due to https missing (no certbot available, i guess?). Thanks for your concern, but no harm done as I'm using different random passwords for each service.

    I'll probably delete my forum account here after a while and just want to emphasize that it is not related to the decision at all, but due to ... you might guess it by now :)

    Maybe someday I'll find time to contribute in a different way, e.g. some pasta code to track the overall number of saw kills in the pasta stats server (which seems to be down, btw).

    Keep up the good work! Until we saw each other again,

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    @101010 hi talking one. I did not vote on your request for master, no yes or no. I know you only small amount of time. But! If you are not number, but real person, and that what you wrote is your honest opinion by heart, from now on you have great you have great sympathy and admiration from me. Being master is less important than being human with such personality as yours.

  • @tuta Such kind words spoken by the muted one, I'm honoured :) Actually, I can't tell for sure, if I'm made up of numbers or not (that would be a philosophical debate on it's own), but rest assured I'm definitely made up of values ;)

  • well spoken @tuta.

    @101010 Thx for application. Ich verstehe deine Gründen für deine Vorsicht und ziehe den Hut vor deiner konsequenten Haltung, Respekt.

  • I'm 100 positive, this star tryin a comeback.

    "It was Back Door Sluts # 9." (The Return of the Fellowship of the ring to the Two Towers)


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    This is what I meant 101010 being a reasonable person btw ;)

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    Folks, it looks like 101010 has already answered the question for us but just wanted to say that I've been playing with him for quite a while now and he seems to be a straight up kind of guy. A gentleman as us old folks would say. a +1 from me if it's still on the table. //Pbo

  • I vote: Burn in hell.

    "It was Back Door Sluts # 9." (The Return of the Fellowship of the ring to the Two Towers)


  • 1+ from me

  • close this thread please

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