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  • Hi there, player since around 2006 and mostly active around the PSL era (2010-2013 ish?)

    Since that latter year I've been playing at times in waves of periods, playing actively for a bit and then leaving for short period. It really warms my heart whenever I recognize the same names throughout the years.

    The game however has been in a steady decline ever since that era when it comes to number of players, though we do manage to get this server full at some times. And unfortunately, I sometimes see some new names pop up and misbehave, ruining the mood of several consecutive matches -- and there is no one able to take action at that moment. Granted I could reach out on this site, filing a thread or contacting people on other communication platforms, but that isn't worth the hassle for such offenses. I tend to mute such players, despite noticing other people joining in on the bashing to no end. I would like to be able to take action myself at those odd times when I play when no masters are around.

    Please tell me if I'm fit for master. Some people might recognize my name from 10+ years ago, though that wouldn't be too many of you.

    Edit: By the way, I do have quite some C experience (I believe the game is in C, right?). I wouldn't mind getting my hands dirty trying to help fixing some server related issues if there are any.

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    Hey there,

    we are currently discussing your application internally.
    Please stay patient and be ready for others to ask you something. :D
    It is just that the others can have some time to vote for you too.

    We already talked and I am trying to push this forward and am thankful for your application.


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    Good luck with your app

  • 4 letter name, psl era, c experience, bitchin about decay of the game

    ---> most def a hacker bitch

    'nough said

    "It was Back Door Sluts # 9." (The Return of the Fellowship of the ring to the Two Towers)


  • @DipShitStar please, translate for noobs like me

  • @a-monster said in Applying for master:

    @DipShitStar please, translate for noobs like me

    Don't bite the bait. His post history shows his motives pretty well I assume.

    @bertolt_brecht said in Applying for master:

    Good luck with your app


  • alt text

    "It was Back Door Sluts # 9." (The Return of the Fellowship of the ring to the Two Towers)


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