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    Hello everybody,

    I've been playing sauer almost from the beginning
    (can't remember how long..). In earlier times i only played
    on venice but I also enjoy playing on Rigatoni.
    I'am auth for many years on venice Inferno and also
    admin on the venice rev's. (My venice-nick is Bangbull)
    It would be happy if i can support you with my experience.


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    He's an older German guy, not a kid.
    I have known him for many years as a fellow admin on zero's Venices & Racings, so it's a YES from me.


  • hi Momo I know you as a fairplayer and helpful person.

    (...but I dont play Sauer since the beginning. : - ) . )

    My eyes to distingiush a Hacker Cheater Scripter a.s.o.
    are by far not as sharp as Momos...

    So please belovend Admins and Masters let Momo be an Admin in order to fight for the rights of the brave Players like me.... : - )))

    @Momo - auf der anderen Seite:
    Wieso in Herrgottsnamen willst du dir DAS Antun - wenn du Scheiße baust bist du ´ne Zielscheibe
    und wenn du keine Scheiße baust hast du‘n Arsch voll Arbeit...

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    Hi MTH,

    thx for your recommendation.

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    Hi XD,

    thx also for your recommendation. I'am playing this game for fun. That's why my intention is that all honest players should have fun. You know me as an auth/admin for many years. I know that sometimes it is very difficult to distinguish a cheater from a extremely good player. But if i make a mistake, i can apologize and learn from it.
    Nobody is born as a good admin, we are all human!

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    I've known Bangbull alias Momo for a long time. He is a competent auth/admin
    with many years of experience on the /dev and /rev servers.
    He's also a good player, but please don't tell him that. :)
    A clear yes from me.

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    we will talk about this on master section

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    @Momo are you on discrod server?

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    I' am on discord in sauerworld and venice-rev
    (alias Bangbull)

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