Banned by Gustav for talking about his disorder

  • And in the meanwhile I'm like, i dont give a shit about narcs. :) Fact is, they care more about the fact i talk about them and this i find a funny fact as sam vaknin says they are totally non emotional and non feeling. But when you talk about them they start to kick and bann while when you say nasty stuff about god and shit its all allowed. :) It's proof they are really fragile. They DO feel.

  • I can have many ip's if i want. I have that power. :) But i laugh about narcissists and i will never hate them. I love their insane way at looking at the world. And studying the fact that they are totally empty and dont have a soul and no ego. Because that ego is not there also while most people consider narcs to be egoistic. :)

  • The first narcissists who is going to reply to my posts will find my totally insane and ask me to find help...that will be a projection of his own findings that he will project onto me. :) It will be predictable. It's the only way they can survive...not taking in reality but instead lying their own truth to escape the shit im typing. Shit that is in fact reality. :) Keep banning me Gustav. It's ok. :) Soon ill start using different Ip's without lag and still talk about your disorder.

  • Im desiding this game is not for me. :) When their are narcissists crying about me talking about how insane they are and they start crying like little babies and feel the need to bann me for it i think it's time for me to move to a different game. Have fun guys and remember, dont talk about their disorder orelse they start to cry again and call YOU weak for it. They can't live without projecting their hurt onto you. You will always be the blame. So dont talk about narcissism. You now know by who this game is run. I choose to leave the game. Have fun!

  • The reply that will be given to my messages will be very predictable....they will totally ignore the fact that they are narcissists and say that i should seek help. :) Fact is, they let lots of people chat the hell out of the game...people who are constantly chatting. This is a fact and if chatting was the problem there would be many more people who would have been kickend/banned. :) I like psychology. You can talk in this game and you can rant and be rude as long as you dont talk about narcissism...THAT will get you a bann. :) Be nice and love narcissists is the message. Bye says Blurp,

  • And because i will never return i say...Have a nice empty life Gustav while i enjoy a life full of empathy for other people and enjoy and share every happy moment with them. I live a very happy life. :) This game is btw copycat (narcissists are copycats) of the game Counter Strike..

  • Fun fact, I haven't played in days and I have no idea what you are talking about.
    Also, too long, didn't read.

  • Troll Level 2/10 - Try again.

    Russian women are superior


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    gban him !

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    Noli nothis permittere te terere


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    some people need a hobby or a life

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