Nazis on pasta?

  • Hi there! I do play sauer a little more again. Since I like to play on rigatoni server, there has come a question to me as auth user.
    There is this guy from India, named 8841, which is in my understanding a symbol of nazi ideology.
    I asked him to change name, since I think I remember having heard you dont accept nazis on server.
    He refused to do so, cause he said he didnt want to loose stats.
    Now I want to ask, 1. can he transfer stats to another name. 2. how to deal with the situation? kick him, or just ignore?
    Hope for solution sincerely "nothing"

  • Thanks for the hint. The topic is not new. We had already checked that. We have found no evidence that this sequence of numbers is related to nazi ideology. The "88" alone would be something else.
    If you have other dates, please let us know. So, at the moment no kick.

    Btw.: This is my opinion, maybe other guys have another one

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    This should be in the Masters "Channel"?

    Noli nothis permittere te terere


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    If someone of you have time, you can check and try to explain to me what is purpose of "Apel 88". Are we, (global) human society, hypocrites? The bottom line is that some people are allowed everything, that they are protected depending on the purpose of their actions. Nazism, as an ideology, may have been reduced to a dead end, but, haw about are the goals for which the ideological basis was created? How to tell if the essence of evil is in symbols, or the actions taken?

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