• My doctor told me that it is enough to put on a mask to come outside. So, I realized that he is a lier when I saw that other people wear also other clothes.

  • What berries do you prefer? Grapes... Distilled grapes.

  • This post is deleted!

  • The real healthy lifestyle is when you are ridding by the bicycle to buy the beer.

  • I am not interested in sex. But, if with someone else...

  • Life is short. Smile while you still have teeth.

  • Programmer is the guy who solves problems that you do not know about, using the way that is also unknown for you.

  • It is annoying when cashier tells you that they accept any card for pay, but do not want to take your spades ace.

  • On the fifth kilometre of the Koroviy highway, the stalker Semetsky was blew up on an anti-personnel mine. By the way, this is the fifth time in the last two weeks, and everything is at the same place.
    I tell you - it is suspicious: alright, everything is clear with Semetsky for a long time, but what kind of an idiot, time after time, put mines at the same place?

    • I want to have a hamster. - It is not so easy, he will need to be looked after and fed. - Then I want to be a hamster.

  • A person who is competent in watermelons can understand whether good people are living in a house by knocking on a door.

  • The alcohol in small doses is healthy in any amounts.

  • Everything is going fine... But past us.

  • What can make you sad and happy at the same time? When your girlfriend tells you that you have the biggest penis of all of your friends.

  • The last words of the stripper girl were - "Do not cut the cake!".

  • Vacancy: the nightclub "nightclub" needs a creative director. Urgent!

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