Banned for no reason

  • B0nG banned me for no reason in Venice.
    His argumentation was that I teamkilled BabyYoda. Unbelievable that someone who behaves so childishly is Admin. I am playing this game now for 3-4 years. That was the first I've been banned by an admin.

    When kids get angry and ban me just because I kill them in the game.

    Well, then I guess it's time to stop.

    Thanks to everyone for the great games.

    Have a good time

  • Masters

    i dont know who bong is but ive played besides you and against you and you play a nice clean game. Dont let this problem take a toll on you. I hope some gauths look into this matter maybe something can be done about this.

  • Masters

    try to contact NIX on venice discord channel, he may help sort this out.

  • Thanks razvan for your appreciation. I've been playing the game for several years and then I get banned by someone who is very likely to be an angry child. It makes you angry.

  • @blackeagle_1903 Hey black, mal kurz auf Deutsch. Hier bist du eigentlich falsch, was on Venice passiert, da haben wir keine Aktien drin. In den Fällen am Besten über discord, sauercom zb mal was reinwerfen. Good luck

  • Danke das wusste ich gar nicht. Wer ist den für Venice zuständig? Ich Spiel ja eigentlich selten drauf aber da ja in letzter Zeit der Rigatoni Server voll war, habe ich desöfteren dort gespielt. Naja sowas habe ich noch nie erlebt. Hat mich echt wütend gemacht.

  • Masters

    Did you intentionally teamkill BabyYoda or not ? :slight_smile:
    So you are basically saying that getting banned by an angry kid has transformed you into an angry kid ? :-)

    There is an IRC channel for Venice, you can complain there, also a Discord channel.
    In the end it's just a kick in a game, no need to make such a big fuss about it :slight_smile:

  • So the Baby Yoda killed me once and tried to kill me again. So I opened a new team. He immediately switched to my team and killed me again. When he tried to kill me again I killed him with the chainsaw :).

    Had two TKs at that time and got kicked. Well to the fact I'm not playing bad :) and kill B0NG a lot. So I think he used the circustmance and kicked me.

    I play now for several years and was never kicked by an admin. As long as such an admin is I don't need to continue playing as I always have to fear that I will be kicked after a TK. It makes no sense to play :).

  • @blackeagle_1903 @a-monster
    I firmly believe that I can help in this thread to clear up some questions about B0nG. I, admittedly, have been banned from Venice Inferno for teamkilling B0nG. It takes much more than 2 teamkills to actually be banned from Venice by B0nG.
    As the inconsiderate Neutral I am, I will now accuse you of something you didn't do just like the masters do to me every time I open a truthful I've Been Banned/Kicked post.
    YOU, BLACKEAGLE_1903, MUST have done something other than 2 teamkills to be banned by B0nG.

    On a different note, I understand your struggle eagle, because I was jailed on Rigotoni Rugby 2 days ago. This jail was unlike any other. After less than 5 minutes being online Rigo, Baal, or bal, not sure if its the same person or not lol, proceeded to egg me on and ended up jailing me. He could have muted me and moved on, but he continued to tell me that I was mentally sick, and that I had a problem. He then banned me, chased me to Venice Inferno, told me that it was an accident, so I went back to Rigo, he then told me that it was part of his 'treatment plan' for my recovery. He did things like this on all servers of sauer, so I could not escape him, in the process being banned from a different server, not being my fault at all.

    So, blackeagle, I am sorry for your loss...

    Can someone unjail me from rigo as this jail is entirely unjust. I have served punishments for all things that I have been convicted of, and this punishment is stupid and outrageous on the master bal's part.

    Kind Regards, @blackeagle_1903, @a-monster

  • Masters

    Neutral, you are known troll.

    Even though masters should behave professionaly, they are humans and sometimes they respond with the same card they your case "baal" trolled you back. Your strategy is provoking a master by calling him "fag". Not once not twice but provoking until you get a mute. When you are muted you proceed to change your name intro "fag-(insert master name here) " until you are banned. After you are banned you proceed to go to, fiind threads like this and complain. Good luck.

  • @razvan @a-monster: Actually, usually I do open my own thread.
    You can go look at the logs for when bal muted me, unmuted me, jailed me, changed his name to mine, banned me, unbanned me, then left me alone.
    Raz, if you call this trolling, you are mistaken, because this is abuse of power whether I did something horribly wrong or not. If I had done something bad enough to deserve this then I would not be asking for it to be lifted.

    Thank you for your time raz,

  • Masters


    NO ONE, absolutley no one will take you seriously man. In my view you are one of those who can be banned on the spot, because your past bad behaviour.

    You should start all your post like "after ive insulted and provoked a master repeateadly [..............................................] the master abused his power and banned me"

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