[ANNOUNCE] Pastaland server for Tesseract

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    Don't you know Tesseract, that hidden gem that nobody cares about? Well, we have a server there, too.


    Yes, I've been spending a little bit of time to write a server mod for Tesseract, and now it's out there in the open.


    Because I can.

    Why should I care?

    You don't have to care, but it's a fun project and Tesseract deserves more attention.

    How does it work?

    To connect to Pastaland, the old Tesseract install package will not work, you need to grab the latest nightly build. You can download it from here or here.
    Just unzip the package and run the executable, you don't even need to install it: the ":: Pastaland ::" server will be there, in that desolated server list.
    If you are a Pastaland Masterâ„¢, you can copy your Sauerbraten authkey into Tesseract's auth.cfg, and you'll have master powers there, too. The mechanics is about the same, just type /auth gustavo to enable the master key in game if you need it.

    Tell me the techie stuff

    Tesseract's Pastaland runs on a mod called Qtesseract. It's a reworked Tesseract server extended using the Qt libraries.
    Qtesseract is scriptable via Javascript by means of Qt's embedded interpreter, QJSEngine.
    QJSEngine is a bare js interpreter with roots on Google's V8 engine (the engine of Google Chrome and Node.js), which particularly shines when it comes to binding it to C++.
    One more really interesting thing: Qtesseract doesn't need to be restarted when you change the javascript code; as soon as the modifications to the javascript code is saved, Qtesseract detects the change in the filesystem and reloads all .js files.
    The mod is still experimental code and lacks some features, but they will be added in the future.

    Enjoy it, it's there for free.

  • Nice! :D Now we may get some people playing there...! and making maps! :dango:
    btw if possible embed a link for its trailer here so people at least take a look at it...:v_tone3:

  • Did I mention there's rugby mode there, too? ;)

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    You can copy your keybinds from Sauer into Tesseract's autoexec.cfg (for some reason, no keybind config is possible from the menus).
    Sensitivity should be the same, but the correct one was x2 my Sauer one, for some reason.

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    The lights look impressive! Poor old Quadro is about to explode! :fearful:
    Thanks for running that server, Signore Al Dente, and for modding the rugby mode in!

    Did any1 succeed in getting "JUMP" from SPACE to MOUSE2?
    "bind "MOUSE2" [jump]" won't do the trick as MOUSE[n] are not available for redefining.

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    @NoobInRage Thanks for your feedback! @altcineva is doing some progress on that front, maybe he can chime in.

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    No idea, because I don't jump with MOUSE2, but I will try it tomorrow and see what's happening.

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    @altcineva You don't have to JUMP with MOUSE2 just try redefining it to something else than ZOOM :laughing:
    Thanks for trying! :beer:

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    @NoobInRage yes, it doesn' seem to work, not able to override the default.

  • You have to use MOUSERIGHT instead of MOUSE2.

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    @Xyouz correct & tested, thank you !

  • what's the bind for quickscope? /bind g ____ ?

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    @Shikijo :
    bind "MOUSE2" [zoom 1; onrelease [ zoom 0]]
    (use MOUSERIGHT for Tesseract)

  • @altcineva thanks! :aerial_tramway:

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    Dumb Question of the day coming up.... I already have Tesseract inn my Mac. Do I have to delete this and install new?

    Noli nothis permittere te terere


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    @Shag That's not a dumb question. You can download the latest nightly build and run it (no need to install it): it's going to use the settings of the old Tesseract installation in your home directory. In my experience, you should receive a few warnings during Tesseract startup because of newly introduced settings or old unrecognized settings, but everything should work nevertheless.
    Best case scenario: wipe the old one and get the latest nightly. To see the new servers you must use the nightly build because the communication protocol has changed a few months ago.

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    Perfect! Thanks. I will give it a shot! Pun intended!

    Noli nothis permittere te terere


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    you can also use dozoom

    /bind "f' [dozoom]

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    @M0UL Thanks ! Will try it out.

  • This post is deleted!


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