Moderator for Rigatoni Rugby

  • (Updated) Plata on discord pointed me here.
    Hey people I am blind. A little back story: I have fussed with cube 2 since 2010 or 11 maybe.. haha idk It’s been a while. I was introduced to it from a family friend and I really enjoyed it back then. Absolutely demolishing people on Venice lmao. I never played consistently until recently. I just got back into the game a few months ago after taking kind of a long break from all games due to work and school and other real life issues. If you need help removing hackers from the game I would be more than happy to help. Anyways, this, I guess would be an application to get moderator on this rigatoni server. I probably won’t be super active but just incase you’re looking for extra help I thought I might as well put in an application if you can call it that :D

  • Masters

    hello we will talk about your application and we will come back to you

  • pretty cool! thanks for the quick reply!

  • @blind please tell us more about yourself)

  • @julia hi, I’ve updated my application.

  • @blind where are you from?

  • Masters

    Have you ever used any other nickname apart from Blind?

  • @bertolt_brecht I think I used “Mr. Fixit” a few times in Pastaland days. I’m sure I’ve used others but can’t recall them.

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