Sauerbraten 2020 Edition is here

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    I am very excited to announce that our favorite game has a new version after many many years!!! :tada: . There are plenty new maps for this release which will be available on map rotation. Here is the official announcement for the release.

    I encourage you to first back up your config files. On windows are under this location
    \Documents\My Games\Sauerbraten. What i simply did for myself was to rename that folder to \Sauerbraten2 and install the new game. After installation was done i just copy/paste the config files i needed for this new release.

    As far as rigatoni goes, i know obstriegel will set up a new server for this edition. Since it is a new release i would be patient with the transition from the old sauerbraten to the new one. Once again if you have any problem with the installation of this new edition then you could ask for help in our discord server. There is a channel called #support where you could post and ask for help. Also there is a #rigatoni section for rigatoni specific requests. Please if your problem is rigatoni specific then post it there. It is better to post your issues on a channel because there are many people who could help you instead of direct messaging discord admins and mods.

    Many of us have been waiting for this new release and i am SUPER SUPER happy and excited about it. I hope you all have a great day and enjoy this new release!. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

    p.s Pix a well known player of this community and admin in our discord server has created already a mod based on this new release. if you want your scoreboard to have more stats then you could install his mode too . Here is the link to follow the installation. This is not mandatory to install it in order to play the game. This if for those who want something extra.

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    Thanks a lot. I'm glad you improved the game.

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    Thx for birthday gift for me (4th of December edition)! :D

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    For GNU/Linux users on "not roling" distributions, installation is possible via Sauerbraten on Flathub.

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