BATMAN's application for auth

  • Hi There all!
    Most of u must know me by the name BATMAN..
    I have been playing sauerbraten or 2 years and have spent most of the time in rigatony rugby..
    I would like to ask auth of Rigatony Rugby because sometimes some cheaters or griefers show up when we are playing and there is no master to contact since they are offline cuz they are not in my time zone.... so we have to ultimately wait until the cheater or griefer goes away...also after the new release,many of them are showing up again....
    I usually play around 2-5 hours a day when most of the people are there...
    I am also available on Discord for around 5-8 hours a day and I am Happy to help people in trouble..


  • Masters

    You are not the real Batman, right?

  • cross out 45 days a year

  • This post is deleted!

  • Masters

    Thanks for the application. We will talk about it internally and at some point we will come back to you. At the moment we still don't have a rigatoni server for the 2020 edition. We will still talk about your application as we normally do and go from there.

  • @bertolt_brecht ok discord name is BATMAN#6709 including discord number

  • Hello again guys..i was just playin EFFIC CTF in dev/open2 server and again a cheater showed up(I am saying the truth and i have witnesses
    )..thankfully we had master so we were able to ban him ..he scored 10 flags in 5 secs...such cheaters usually show up when no masters are around to contact so there is noone to kick/ban so we ultimately have to go to spec for a whole to avoid such things and allow the game to run smoothly without any plz help me..i consider myself trust worthy enough and i can assure that i wont do anything dumb or bad for everyone..thank you all..
    Yours truly

  • Masters

    Hello batman unfortunately the majority didn't accept your application. We would like to thank you for your interest and always you could apply in the future.

    p.s /dev/open servers aren't rigatoni. we don't have master rights there. thanks for your interest again.

  • ok thank you

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