Wizard custom maps

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    This topic deserves a page by itself. Gj @wizard and huge thanks to @Xyouz , you guys rock! :thumbsup_tone1:

  • Here are screenshots of custom maps made by wizard.
    5_1468186117664_nocturne2.png 4_1468186117664_nocturne1.png 3_1468186117663_heatwave2.png 2_1468186117663_heatwave1.png 1_1468186117662_dichotomy2.png 0_1468186117661_dichotomy1.png
    You can download them here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B-oeVDwVl8CGVlp1cjNUejA5M2s

  • I'm wizard, a sauer and tesseract player and the author of the above tess maps featured by @Xyouz, and I'd like to say hello to everyone here on the forums. Please keep in mind that these maps are all unfinished works-in-progress and are not officially released just yet, so they might be broken or unbalanced. Keep an eye out for when I release polished versions of them. Below are shots of some more unfinished maps of mine.

    dyed by wizard
    bot rdm on shadows by wizard
    I'll be around the Tesseract server now and then, so be sure to stop by and say hello. Thanks Xyouz for the showcase!

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    Hello wizard, they look good, I will surely load them up and stroll around.
    One thing that I'm thinking about is that if someone would "port" a few famous maps from Sauer that are played very often, people would come to test Tesseract out more willingly. I don't know how hard it would be or how feasible, but I'm sure it would attract a lot of attention.
    Just an idea...

  • @altcineva I have seen a few sauer 'ports' done: details on the process are found here (outside link to the tess forums). The biggest thing is that textures and ents all have to be redone and reassigned, so porting a map is a chore. That being said, this is a tess conversion someone shared with me a while back of Alithia, originally made by Windecker for sauer.
    If you play on it, you'll quickly realize how much slower tess is than sauer and that some of the jumps here are more difficult while others are impossible. A few movement options that are possible in sauer do not work in tess, so some ports might need some geometry reworking too.

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    Fuck it we want NEW Maps!!!!!!!

    Noli nothis permittere te terere


  • @wizard I totally agree with you, speed and jump length are so different in Tesseract : a good sauer map would be likely to be a frustrating map in tesseract unlesse modifying a lot the geometry of the map resulting in a new map.

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    @Xyouz, how are speed and jump length different, can you elaborate please ?

  • @altcineva You must have notice that you're moving slower in Tesseract than you do in Sauerbraten, that's on of the reasons why you can jump as far as 12 blocks in sauer whereas you can only jump 8 in Tesseract.

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    @Xyouz yes, I noticed that it's harder to jump up on stuff, but didn't measure it, hence was not sure. Thanks !

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