Wizard custom maps [2]

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    Some more high quality goodies from @wizard (wait a little for the pics to load)

  • A preview of "dust," a small CTF/TDM map from me

    dust by wizard - 8/5/2016

  • Am i suppose to download these maps because i do not have them on mine :cry:

  • @Fritz_Fokker I have not officially released them yet, but here's a WIP copy of dust for everyone here to drop in their Tesseract/media/map folder: dustNR.ogz

  • @wizard Awesome :-D . Thank you Wizard!

  • Can you put all your maps in download file? I am feeling very lazy xD

  • Masters

    I don't like the movement in Tesseract too slow, but these are cool looking maps indeed.
    Btw someone should port Inky and the others to Tesseract, it's just not the same without.

  • @negus I agree. As along as it is a newer 3d version of the sauer characters.

  • @wizard I have tried the dust map. Dust is strange name for it , don't you think? I mean it is not what comes to mind when i think of a dust map.
    I like this map. Thank you very much. Will your maps be added to the official game updates in the future?

  • This interview with the Sauerbraten and Tesseract main developer might clarify a few things about the "they should add this and that to Tesseract"
    Long story short, it's main focus remains on Sauer, not Tesseract. It's highly unlikely to get any new features on Tesseract.

  • @Fritz_Fokker It's still a work in progress, originally the water on the lower level was a pit of sand and it was a hot daytime map instead :sweat_smile: I hope my maps will be included in a release some day, but that would involve me actually finishing and releasing my tesseract maps for once... watch this space for updates.

  • This post is deleted!

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