[POLL] Remove map Hallo from map rotation

  • As you may have noticed, Hallo map is definitely unbalanced in rugby mode.
    Passing the flag from one base is much easier than from the other base, please feel free to express your opinion.

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    Frankly Hallo is one of the best Maps in Sauer PERIOD!
    Please do NOT remove from Map Rotation.... Xenon and Dust2 amongst others should be on the chopping block WAY before Hallo.

    WTF did this idea come from... it is Absurd!

    Noli nothis permittere te terere


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    Definitely a fun map for me, I have great fun catching campers.
    I don't know about passing, but I find that the church side is harder to defend, because people can get on the roof and camp there waiting for the flag.
    Did anyone complain about this map ?
    I would certainly remove Xenon before even thinking of this one.

  • There exists a bunch of maps which are unbalanced, that's no criterion to not play them anymore.
    There are also a lot of maps which are just unplayable, duomo( i think it's already out of the rotation), gubo ( which makes no fucking sense in rugbymode) or KOPENHAGEN ( one of the worst maps in sauer). Maps like these should be banned from rotation, but not maps like hallo, or dust2, although they are unbalancend, they are still playable and popular, and that's what counts!

  • Hallo is a fun map. Of course with only a small number of players it is not as fun, but it is never as boring or complicated as maps like Xenon or the former Duomo map.With enough players, it is a very fun place to be.

    I would seriously consider removing mbt4. Players who know that map can easily score 10 points for their teams, but those who are just average or less keep falling into the 'bottomless pits' ( sometimes with the flag). It's a confusing mess.

  • I agree with the choice of Xenon for the first map to remove. When the server put this map there are always about 4 persons that complain about it and sometimes 1 or 2 players say "no, I like it" .
    Gubo is like for girl "When it's really too small, it can't be good". I make more kills on this map with chainsaw than with rifle!!!
    Unfortunately, there is no maps like Xenon that are clearly unappreciate by the most people.
    Then some map are good for classic ictf, but not for rugby and something important had to be said about this:
    @GustavoLapasta YOUR SERVER IS TOO FAMOUS!! :-) if the map not specially good for rugby would be removed( like dust2 as said @Shag), there is no other server to play it with a sufficient number of player.
    R.I.P demophobia and psl.
    Personnaly I would remove Sacrifice too.

  • @Idontredcat what about hallo ?

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    Fear is mostly right, of course.
    Kopenhagen, Xenon, duomo are boring, they need to go first (well done for duomo).
    gubo can be fun because it's very intense and fast, also some passes can work (watch orange play).
    Btw, how can you see the available maps on spaghettimod ? #maprotation doesn't seem to work :-z

  • administrators

    @altcineva the available maps are here

  • @Fritz_Fokker said in [POLL] Remove map Hallo from map rotation:

    @Idontredcat what about hallo ?

    I vote for removing it

  • What fear said, but duomo is amazing.

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    @GustavoLapasta: thanks, got them from there.
    I'm thinking we have to think about this subject in a more organized way, to avoid discussing it again and again.
    I am working on a comparison based on various criteria and how they are related to each other.
    I will come back with a more general post on this subject soon.

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    @swatllama the middle structure & concept are amazing, but the fact is that it often results in 10 minute camping sessions and no points scored on either side. When that happens because the other side has at least semi-competent campers, the only fun things to do that I could find are: to try to score one of those end-to-end long distance shots & try to score some difficult shots through the holes in the floor.

  • @GustavoLapasta What are the current stats on the vote for and against the removal of hallo?

  • administrators

    @Fritz_Fokker mmmh you are supposed to be able to see the poll, can't you?

  • @GustavoLapasta I cannot see the poll. I only saw the request for a vote and i have already voted. But i cannot see the poll.

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    The poll is gone... bug ? :relaxed:

  • @altcineva ah! so you also cannot see it?

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    @Fritz_Fokker confirmed.

  • @GustavoLapasta Apparently no one can see the poll Gustavo. By the way, how long would we have to wait for your final decision regarding this issue?

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